How long is the rental period?

9am to 9am the next day. Saturday rentals have until 9am on Monday to return. We have a self return system so items can be returned anytime at your convenience.

Are the inflatables rated for adults? 

Yes all of our inflatables are commercial grade and are rated for adults and children.

Where are you located?

680 East State Street Lehi, Utah. We are next to the freeway overpass, 2 houses East of The Dollar Tree.

What do the Cinema Packages include? 

The Cinema Packages include everything you need to watch or stream a movie or video. The only thing you need to provide is the actual movie itself and the power source (one standard household outlet or generator).

Can we pickup the rental? 

Yes, we are more structured for the customer to pickup and return themselves. 99% of our customers pickup and return their rented equipment. Sometimes delivery is not available. Call us to find out if delivery and setup is an option.

Can I pick up the equipment in a car OR what type of vehicle do I need to pickup the equipment?

You will not be able to pickup any inflatable or sumo suits in a car. You will need a truck, full size SUV or mini van with the back seats all down and cleared out to fit either the sumo suits or any of the inflatables. A truck is best for inflatables. The cinema cases and up to 10 bubble balls can fit in a regular car. With the 18ft and 23ft Cinema Packages sometimes a smaller sedan car will not work because the door opening is not big enough to put the case on the back seats and the case for the 18ft and 23ft systems is too big for the trunk.

What are your hours of operations? 

Generally speaking we do not have set business hours. Pickups are by appointment only. We are typically only there when we have set an appointment for someone to pickup. 

Can I pickup the day before? 

It is sometimes possible to pickup the evening before. This is never guaranteed. If it is a weekday and the item you have reserved is not being rented the day before then it is possible to pickup the day before. This is not officially confirmed until after 3pm on that day.

Can someone else pickup for me? 

Yes anyone who is 18 years or older can pickup and sign for the equipment.

When should I receive an email confirmation after I have reserved?

Within 48 hours you will receive an email confirmation with partially paid invoice.

When will I be contacted to set a pickup appointment?

You will be contacted via text or phone call either 2 or 1 days prior to your reserved date.